Fly on the Wall Sunday: Where Have I Been?

Life has been so busy for me right now. I have some major projects that I’m working on so I have been really swamped with stuff.

midnight_rain_no_peopleI still have to get the e-book formatting done for Midnight Rain. The print book is ready to go, but I will not release it before I get the e-book ready. I am seriously hoping to get on that this week. Of course my Monday has just morphed into cutting the grass, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, running to the Post Office, shooting the photos for a project I’m working on, writing a little, knitting and sewing. So what won’t get done? Ha! I don’t know, but seeing as though my original plan was just to clean the house I would say something will probably not get done.

I have so many dreams but dreaming while awake does not a reality make and the move that I dream of might not happen :(. I really want to move, but we don’t always get what we want.

At any rate, I will be swamped with work next week, but I will try to get back on this blog before next Sunday–try, being the operative word.

Have good week you all.


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