Is it the end of the line?

All roads may lead to somewhere but there is nothing that says that those roads don’t branch off into other roads. The question becomes if one should go right, left or stay the course. It is a difficult decision to make sometimes, and not always a swiftly made one.

midnight_rain_no_peopleMidnight Rain is the last of my completed and ready to publish Capri Montgomery books. This book will be out this year. I really just have to finish the e-book formatting for both electronic sites and that’s it. The difficult part of that is being super busy with other responsibilities right now and it is rare that I spend more than a passing few minutes on the computer working on books right now.

I love to write and I cannot imagine there will come a time when movies are not playing in my head.

Thanks to those of you who have bought, kept, and read my work. Your support is much appreciated. I hope you’ll enjoy this last planned for release book. I will talk more about it when I come up for air from all the non book related work I must get done. Sometimes I think there are not enough hours in the day ;).

I hope sometime in 2016 will see the release of another book in the Capri Montgomery book line but if not I hope to catch you all somewhere down the line on the flip side of forever.


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