Multicultural Suspense Romance ~ Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise coverRain Midthunder had no idea what beauty awaited him on his next job, nor what dangers awaited him. As a security expert his job was to make sure the proper security system was set and then leave, but when Zorina Fawn-Snow’s gallery comes hostile grounds he sets his mission on protecting more than the art gallery. Can Rain keep the woman he wants in his life as more than just a client safe? Or will one deadly game of lies, betrayal and unscrupulous business associates put an end to his entire world, and hers.


“I wanted to deliver this personally,” he assured her in his most stoic work voice that he could muster given the erection growing harder with each look at her tightly pointed nipples. Jeeze, she was either naked completely underneath that thing or she was wearing a negligee that was just as softly thin as the housecoat. What he wouldn’t give t be able to strip the offending fabric from her body and answer his own question about her undergarments.

“I will look it over tonight and drop it off to you tomorrow. Or I’ll call if I have any questions.”

He nodded, ready to flee as soon as possible but his feat would not move fast enough. Heck, they weren’t moving at all. The logical side of his brain was losing to the lust filled side and he needed to rectify that problem swiftly.

“Any questions at all just call me.”

“Or,” she looked up in his eyes.

“Or what?”

“You could stay while I read it. It’s only like three pages here. I can sign it and give it back to you tonight.”

He should have said no but his mouth shaped the word yes and his vocal chords agreed with it.

“Great. I’ll make us some herbal tea.”

He didn’t drink tea, but if tea would mean she would take longer to read the contract then he would drink it now. Every second looking at her soft curves was like heaven. He thought of her name—Fawn-Snow—and it made him think of a deer caught in a snow storm. She was the deer and he was the hunter ready to claim her as his own. Oh yes, he was ready to strip her bare and yet he had to resist. Sometimes he hated being a man of great self control and other times he loved it. Tonight he hated it but for her safety he should be glad he had it. He wanted to devour her whole and then savor the sweetness of her body before doing it again.

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