Yes! Yes! Yes!

Those of you who have been reading my blog already know my C-peg on my cello has been stuck since the changing of the strings. So I have been doing what any smart, yet not so strong in the hands, woman would do–I avoided songs that needed the C-string. Oh, I asked for help first. Not even my mother, who has more hand strength than I do, could get it to budge.

Well, this morning I was blissfully avoiding the C-string when I came to one of my songs that I hadn’t played in a while and I wanted to play it. Of course I am moving along across the strings when I notice that this song needs the C-string.

“You have to be kidding me.”

Yeah, I talk to myself especially when I am having problems. I leaned back in the chair and looked upwards. With the cello still between my legs I looked at the peg and tried turning it again. It wouldn’t budge. A deep breath and a stubborn last chance later and I turned it again. It wouldn’t move, so I tried it the other way and it squeaked forward a little. My breath caught in my chest.

“Oh my God it moved.”

Now that I know it moved I tried again. I kept turning until it moved easier and I kept on turning.

I went out to tell my mother when she gave me a compliment that I sounded “pretty good” while playing. I was so happy the peg moved that I told her that first and then said “thanks for the compliment but they were all my pieces that I wrote and they should sound better.”

Yes, I am my toughest critic. But I gave myself credit for coming a long ways from where I started. I will add a history on my cello playing to the Music page soon.

C-string on celloSo, my C-peg moves again. My string is completely unstrung and I am a little afraid to string it and tune it again. My mother says, “but you have to.” I do. And since I made the insanely too early for my dad wake up call that he asked me to make to him this week I can be sure to work on getting C stringed just right so I can play her tomorrow.

Why this problem has given me an idea for a title and a story to write in a genre I do not write in does not surprise me really–but if ever I want to take a walk on the wild super dark side of my imagination I can always have fun with it. For now, my cello needs me.

The cello shall be stringed again.


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