Tuesday or Wednesday?

Well I know it’s Tuesday really. I’m certain of that as I look at the date on the computer. I know it has been a while since I have been very active on this blog. My schedule is packed right now. Trying to fit everything in is difficult when I’m trying to do things for me, trying to help others, trying to keep writing…oh wait, writing hasn’t been consistent lately. I have been writing it’s just focusing on the story I need to finish would be good right now.

Oh, but I am playing cello (despite the stuck C-peg) more consistently. Okay, so I missed today and after slaving in the yard with my mother I just don’t feel like staying upright for much longer. I need sleep–a lot of it.

Something was also suggested to me a while back so I am working on making it happen now that I remember that I was supposed to make it happen.

Gosh, busy is busy but sometimes busy makes for a very forgetful person.

I hope everybody is having a fabulous week. Please be sure to check out Tequila Sunrise and if you like it then please leave a review :).


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