That Moment

That moment when your hands are in water while cleaning the dishes and a scene takes over your mind that makes you abandon the task to go write it down. Yes, that is a writer moment I am very well familiar with.

This morning wasn’t any different as my mind was still playing movies in my head–movies I just have to write. I had the title to the story and thought it would probably go another way but when the scene took over my mind the path of the story changed and I love that change. I do have other stories that need to be finished so I will work on those but this story is burning hot so I am going to have to write it as it comes to me. But for now I have other stuff I have to do which means abandoning all things computer and getting stuff done.

Fortunately I have already gotten cello practice in for the day. My C-peg is still stuck. There ate two fortunate things:

  • I am not working on any songs that require the C-string right now.
  • At least it’s not my G-string. There would be something odd about saying my G-string is stuck don’t you think? (Hey, I’m a writer; my mind travels in many directions most of which have absolutely nothing to do with what I’m working on.)


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