Fly on the Wall Sunday: Remembering Wrong and Forgetting it Right

LOL. I distinctly remember saying the Sunday post was scheduled already and well…it wasn’t. I remembered my blog doings wrong and apparently forgot it right. Ah, to have so much on my plate that I forget the first blog more often than not.

So since I forgot, and it is Sunday, and I haven’t picked out all the details for the blog change, I am going to post about an oldie…kind of old that is.

I love music, as anybody who knows me or has read this blog long enough knows. Sometimes music inspires new movies in my head and for Heart of Danger that is exactly what happened. You see at the time I was on FB and I did a Monday Music post. Well, the song Love You Like a Love Song was one that I picked for that day. Yeah, YouTube is my stopping ground where I find music I have never heard.

Anyway, I saw my leading lady in the first scene of the book where she’s in the bar with the guys from work. She’s feeling a little left out and it doesn’t help that the man she’s been in love with for the last eight years is there with his current lady friend. When I heard this song I imagined her dancing on the dance floor and drawing the looks of the men she worked with, but I didn’t imagine that something I thought would be a one scene story for my blog would become a book, let alone a series featuring the other three men.

Heart of Danger is still available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.


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