Friday Dish: Checks on a List

Another Friday is here already. The year will soon be over. 🙂 Yes, I think my brain lives a few months ahead of everybody else but it does feel as if another year is soon to pass. Am I looking forward to 2016? Not really. When I think of 2016 I think, ‘oh crap; tax season again.’  I hate tax season.

But while living in the present instead of the distant/or not so distant future I am here to get one more thing off my to-do list today. Late as I may be on checking on this Tequila Sunrise is available on Barnes and Noble. I mentioned that I would post a link once I had it but I have been so crazy busy this week that I forgot to check again after the second time I checked without seeing it there yet.

Tequila Sunrise coverRain Midthunder had no idea what beauty awaited him on his next job, nor what dangers awaited him. As a security expert his job was to make sure the proper security system was set and then leave, but when Zorina Fawn-Snow’s gallery comes hostile grounds he sets his mission on protecting more than the art gallery. Can Rain keep the woman he wants in his life as more than just a client safe? Or will one deadly game of lies, betrayal and unscrupulous business associates put an end to his entire world, and hers.

Amazon   ~   Barnes and Noble   ~  Lulu


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