Wednesdays with the Arts: New Books and Hard Decisions

I am in decision making process and I am uncertain of what my decision will be right now but I kind of have two options, well three, but I don’t know.

At any rate, Tequila Sunrise officially made it to Amazon for Kindle at the time of this post scheduling. It was not on B&N yet but it might be by the time this posts, or somewhere there after.


Tequila Sunrise cover

Rain Midthunder had no idea what beauty awaited him on his next job, nor what dangers awaited him. As a security expert his job was to make sure the proper security system was set and then leave, but when Zorina Fawn-Snow’s gallery comes hostile grounds he sets his mission on protecting more than the art gallery. Can Rain keep the woman he wants in his life as more than just a client safe? Or will one deadly game of lies, betrayal and unscrupulous business associates put an end to his entire world, and hers.

Tequila Sunrise on Amazon



  1. I read it and loved it. Her mother though :). LOL, I think they were a lot alike but at different levels. Can’t wait for the next guy to get his story.

    Good job again, Capri

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