Monday Musings: Busy Knows Busy

When I say I’m busy that is probably an understatement. School has started back today. I had access to the syllabus on Friday and a couple things I noticed were:

  1. I am so in the wrong program. The program described to me said nothing about the classes that I’m in now and if the advisor had given accurate detail about the program I would not have picked this school for this program. I just have to try my best to make it through the first four classes (3 more to go) and get out of my version of educational hell.
  2. I think I hate technology. The world would be a much better place if we were all running wild through the fields and living off the land.

Okay, so #2 might just be my response to up since 2:00 a.m. trying to study for the assignment due tomorrow. Yes, I started on this a couple days ago and even with all the research I am still sadly confused.

But on the bright side of things I am happy to say that my second Etsy store is open. Wild Knit Scapes features stuffed animals and stuffed dolls. Some are knitted and some are sewn. Children and adults can enjoy these stuffed toys. I think my favorites are the ones with the recorder inside. You can record your own message so if you are going away for a while and would like to leave your voice behind for your kids or your S.O. then a stuffed toy with a recorder would be nice.

So check out the store on Etsy here: Wild Knit Scapes ~

The Blog here: Wild Knit Scapes ~

Yes I still have Fashionably Capri (, I am still writing and I now realize I have like three or four blogs. I have lost count. Add school to that and I am not sure how I remember to eat…oh right, I didn’t cook yesterday. I should probably get on top of that today. While I can go a couple days without thinking of eating it’s not healthy to skip meals. Oops! I have to do a health post for the I Did It My Way blog tomorrow too…uh oh.


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