Friday Dish: I Don’t Want to Go

It’s that time again and I told my mom today…and I quote; “school starts back on Monday. I don’t want to go.” My mom so sweetly said, “you don’t have to leave the house for it.” She’s right; I don’t have to leave the house as I go to school from home but I still don’t want to go. Sadly, I must go :(. This semester is going to be busy. It’s about the same amount of work I think, it’s just more complicated work.

I liked my life better when I wasn’t in school, but I have to remember to think of the things that had me excited to go to school in the first place. This could possibly open up new opportunities for me that I might like. Either which way it goes I decided to go back to school; classes start Monday and I’m going.

I think I have a slightly better schedule planned for this semester so I should be able to come up for air to blog a little more consistently…I hope.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week (maybe…maybe not) same time, same place.



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