Fly on the Wall Sunday: A New Week, Another Book

I’m still getting better but it is a new week and there is much work to be done. Today is officially the last day of my class. I have already turned in all of my assignments so it is what it is; I’m done. Now it is on to trying to get Tequila Sunrise ready for release. I have had it back from the editor since before I got sick so it is now really just making sure the formatting for the e-Book is together for Kindle and Nook. Maybe this will be an official October release.

Tequila Sunrise cover

Tequila Sunrise is book 1 in the Nature’s Gate series. All books are stand alone but the three men in book one have individual stories planned, two of which I am sure will land on my release pile and the other is not done yet so that might take a while.

Things I like about Tequila Sunrise:

  • My leading lady has a business/career I could totally love doing.
  • My leading man is totally sexy.
  • My leading lady’s mother is all kinds of crazy but interesting.

My editor liked this one. She was surprised at the twists in this one and the book that comes after and that is a good thing. Surprise is good because as a writer it’s nice not to become predictable per se.

If I could live inside the world of the books in the Nature’s Gate series which one would it be? – Tequila Sunrise. I love her career. I love her home. I totally love her man. But then again, I love the other guy in the other book too. Hmm…may I have them both please? 😉



  1. Sound like a very good one. Looking forward to the release. Love reading your books. I have a collection of them all and I am able to go back and reread them. when ever I want to. e-Books are good but I love having the hard back books also. I read them more than I do the e-Books. I am able to just go out side lay around with out the worry or a table or computer. The old lazy days i enjoy. Best of luck.

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