Fly on the Wall Sunday: Life, School and Strike Force Lone Survivor

What is a woman to do when the enemy comes with insults masked behind flowers? Well, the writer in me says “if you can’t kill them with kindness, kill them in a book” ;).

It is a very busy time in my life right now with the new Etsy store finally up, the newest Capri Montgomery book release out and several other books just waiting for me to release them things are just…busy. Add school into the equation and I am sometimes not even sure what day it is.

Things I need to do this week:

  1. Restring the cello, or just get back to practicing on the old strings.
  2. Finish one of the works in progress (books) while working on one of the others.
  3. Schoolwork and more schoolwork.
  4. Work on the blanket so it can go in my new Etsy store.
  5. Tell people about the new Capri Montgomery book release.

Ooh, that last part I can do right now :).

Current new release would be Strike Force–Lone Survivor.

Strike_Force_Lone_Survivor-webDestination–unknown. Package–unknown. The only thing Octavian Mac Iomaire knows is that once this secretive government agency calls he goes without question. As the Ghost told him when he brought him in, there is no out of this group until death. Once under the Ghost’s control he would always be under his control. So as Octavian sits on a plane heading to an unknown destination to retrieve an unknown package the only thing Octavian knows is that this mission was at a beyond lethal status and he and his team might not come back breathing.

Available in e-book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Available in print on Lulu.


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