Friday Dish: Hot Thursday Nights

No, really, the temperature was hot. Hot and makeup makes me worry. It’s a combination I am not sure goes well together, but I did pull it off using my new Missy Lynn makeup and some of the new brushes. I will save that discussion for the Saturday Beauty blog on the I Did It My Way blog.


Strike_Force_Lone_Survivor-webFor today I’m going to mention that the cover for Strike Force changed a bit because the official title is Strike Force Lone Survivor. My editor thought it was a great title and it’s funny because I was teetering between the two titles but hadn’t seriously thought of merging the two.

Strike Force Lone Survivor is available on Lulu in print and Amazon in e-book form. I did upload it to Barnes and Noble yesterday so it should be up soon…I think.

                       In Other News

Two full weeks left in my first class and I’m struggling. It’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing; it’s that I am so not feeling the flowing energy vibe. I would much rather be doing something else–anything else. But two weeks and then about a week off before the next class starts should help me a little. I don’t know. Once I have access to the next class I will probably start trying to work on the first assignment. Therein lies my problem–I don’t really know how to take a break.

Anyway, come over to the I Did It My Way blog for the Saturday Beauty post for more on makeup. It will probably have pictures. I say probably because when I get the pictures from camera to computer I might decide I don’t like any of them–I usually do make that decision.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week (maybe), same time, same place.


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