Makeup Tuesday: Old Habits Die Hard

I have not tried this yet. This is the Missy Lynn palette. I know I wasn’t going to buy more makeup but this was on sale—really! 57% off with 14 brushes and a cute brush case (not the case above–see my other blog for details on that). Plus I like her channel and she seems like a nice person so I figured I wanted to contribute to the success of her business endeavor if I could.

This is the packaging.


Eye shadows plus highlighter.


I am not sure when I will use this, but soon, I think, as I would love to try this out and see what looks I can create with these colors.

Brushes-webThese are the brushes. Some of these I have from other brands and others I’m going to have to spend a lot more time looking at to see how I want to use them. I have a lot of makeup brushes but it was time to replace some of the really old ones that I have.

This is my last makeup purchase for a while. I mean it! Okay…I’m going to try to make sure it’s my last one for a while.

Other than makeup I have my DIY facial products made and they are working very well for me. I’ll talk about that some other time, probably on my other blog.

Stay Beautiful


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