Fly on the Wall Sunday: Inside the Life

I received such a great compliment on my art a couple days ago that really made me think–why am I not doing more of this? Well the basic answer to that question is easy; I was always told (by teachers) you cannot make money with art so go to school, get a good job that pays a lot of money and live life. It’s really horrible advice actually, but I followed it the first time and I am following it this time as well. I regret both, but perhaps something good will come out of the decisions I have made.

A person can make money with their art. Some make a lot, some make a little, but nothing happens overnight. Everything, unless you were lucky enough to be born with that silver spoon, or you know people who know people, takes a lot of work and sometimes the road is long, rocky and full of holes. But if you work long enough, believe in yourself enough and work to the best of your ability then dreams just might come true.

I have always known that music, art and writing are things I love. Music being one of my greatest passions, writing just being something I feel as if I have done since birth because I have been doing it so long and art being something I didn’t love to do years ago, but grew to love after high school. Well, I did always love photography and I think I got that from my mother. She gave me my first 110-film pink camera. She gave me my Yashica too. I remember the Polaroid and so many other cameras that I actually still have, or have since lost to the way of many moves and growing up.

What I didn’t receive was a true push toward exploring anything other than religion and what this particular religion wanted for everybody to do–no school, no real passion for anything other than God. Marry only within the religion or stay single until you die. Yeah, I can’t say that I never doubted that path but as a younger girl I felt as if it was what I HAD to do. As I got older I wanted more, and then one day I realized it was okay to want something different. It’s not easy. It’s still looked down on and if it weren’t for my mother I wouldn’t be in this congregation anymore, but the difficult yet needed thing is remember who I am, what I truly want and find a way to make sure I at least try to make it happen.

My father said something prolific to me yesterday, something I already knew; “tomorrow is promised to nobody. Live in the moment and stop stressing about tomorrow.” I’m working on the not stressing about tomorrow, next year, the year after that. It’s in my nature to worry about the future, but it’s once again time for me to take my father’s advice–live in the present and stop worrying about tomorrow. Sometimes tomorrow never comes and if it doesn’t then was it really worth spending today worrying about it?

Have a great week ahead you all. Stay in the present and worry about tomorrow when it gets here.


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