Fly on the Wall Sunday: Messy Movings

IMG_3932Things are a mess right now, but not in my room. My room feels kind of empty since most of my stuff is in the back right now. I’ll have to move all of that stuff back in here once I can, but for now everything I need other than school stuff is now lost in clutter. Yeah, I know where the makeup is, but getting to it is a different story.

While waiting to take care of a few things I can say that I have 3 more weeks left in this class that I’m taking. Yes, I’m counting down because once I finish this class there are only 9 more to go until I am so thankfully out of school. Yeah, my next set of classes are in twos so if I thought I was busy this time I am sure I will feel maxed out on energy levels when the next two classes start. I can’t wait until they’re over because then there is only one more non-important class before I can start taking my major–which is what I actually wanted to go back to school for in the first place.

I think colleges make people take courses that have nothing to do with what they want to learn simply to make money. I really do because so far the current class has nothing to do with my major yet I have to take it and pay for it. I would say it’s a highly skilled way of ripping people off.

I am still writing. I am still working on other projects and I am moving ahead with goals. I’m tired and definitely have regrets about going back to school, but I am trying to see the bright side of things and not just the “why, oh why” part. Once I’m done with school I think things will be better–minus the student loans that is ;). I will have more options, which will be great because more options puts me one step closer to my ultimate goal.



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