Fly on the Wall Sunday: Silence is Mysteriously Golden

I have heard people say it is best not to tell people what you are planning to do because there are those who will try to make you believe you cannot do it. I think that is true.

When I wore my rose tinted glasses the world seemed full of hope. I thought for sure, while we couldn’t make it perfect, we could make it better. But those rose tinted glasses came off years ago layer by layer until one day those glasses were completely removed. Now I see the world for what it is, and humans for what they are and while I miss the rose tint I also think it was something I needed to lose.

It’s nice to go through life believing in the rose tint but dreaming while awake does not a reality make.

So I am in silent mode right now. There is so much I am working toward and so much I am choosing to keep silent until I make it happen. Besides finding out that people can’t try to talk me out of what they don’t know I’m trying to do, I have also found that less time explaining leaves more time for executing my plan and getting something done. It’s invigorating and possibly life altering, but one thing is for sure, silently working toward a goal puts me one step closer to making it happen.

Goals Met Year-to-Date:

Keep Writing

Keep Playing Cello

Go Back to School



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