Wednesdays with the Arts: I Try. I Fail. What Else Is New?

I avoid large gatherings for a reason, but not usually this reason. My mom had to attend a three day large gathering, and now she’s majorly sick. This isn’t just a cough and a sniffle here or there; this is get away from me before I get you sick. She’s protective of me no matter my age. She’s sick so she’s avoiding me. That sucks as I was working so hard to get ahead with my schoolwork so we could spend a little more time together this week. I try; I fail; what else is new? 😦

Anyway, I have made some decisions about writing but I cannot really go on the record until it is cast in stone so to speak. I’ll update when I can.

I went in search of information on one thing and ended up on a site about design…strange as Internet searches go this had nothing to do with what I was looking for but I’m glad I found it. The major thing that stuck out was this—Clear the clutter and simplify.

I am always trying to get rid of things I haven’t worn in over a decade but every time I put it on the pile I pull it off again. Hey, I might need that shirt one day. Yeah, you would think I was born during the Great Depression or something but letting go is hard for me. So I am going to try again. I said “try” not that I was going to be able to do it. But if I do it right I could make more room in the closet and the drawers.

I also need to shred some papers, and de-clutter my computer files. Stories I haven’t worked on, have no intention of publishing, or no intention of finishing right now I want to wipe off the computer. I can save them on a flash drive and always go back to them if I ever remember I want to write them. Or I guess I should say if I ever feel like going through all of my storage to look for them. Fortunately my schoolwork is going on a dedicated drive so I won’t have to sort through files and pictures to find anything for that.

Why do I keep so many pictures? I don’t know. I really should delete them. I don’t go back to look at them. But much like my life I have a hard time letting go when sometimes I really should.


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