Fly on the Wall Sunday: Books, Life, Countdowns

Strike-Force-webI’ll start with the Books section. I would like to thank those of you who took the time to write a review for my books. I know it takes time away from your day and I appreciate your telling me what you liked. By way of books I do have Strike Force which I hoped to have out sometime this month, but it may be next month. I don’t know yet. I have written books and never released them so I shall see what happens there.

I have two other books currently in progress. I plan to finish the one that is currently a little longer. Both books will fit in a series but not the same series.

The Life portion of the blog has me thinking and trying to figure some things out. School keeps me busy but it’s not that; I just don’t have a desire to live in fictional worlds some days. It’s not that the movies aren’t playing in my head because they are. Last night’s dream would make a great book; I’m just not in the mood to write it.

I plan to get back on schedule come Monday. I’m taking today off…kind of anyway. I already got my cleaning in before 3 in the morning so that’s one thing checked off my mental to-do list. Knitting is off the list today due to some pain.

By way of Countdowns…well, happily so, I am counting down until I finish school. I want out with haste but have decided instead of counting the months until I am out of this thing called school I will count the classes. Yes, another countdown but this one is keeping me motivated so I’ll hold on to it.


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