Makeup Tuesday: Gloss

When I decided to buy this product it was because I liked the color and the name–Ravish Raspberry (Milani) . I saw a blush I liked too but decided against buying it as neither of these things were in my budget.

The mistake I made was thinking this was one of those liquid lipsticks. It’s not a lipstick; it’s a gloss. Yes, that is clear as a cloudless day right there on the back of the packaging but I missed it because I only looked at the front of the package.

Lip Gloss

It’s not that I don’t like this gloss because I do. It is very noticeable on the lips much like a lipstick would be but it’s a gloss and I didn’t need a gloss. Oh well, it can be worn on its own. I have not tried it over a lipstick yet but I will just to see what happens. That’s one great thing about makeup–you can play with it and create your own work of art.

I am wondering what the blush would have looked like on me. I liked the name on that one too and if ever I am in the makeup section for my mom again I just might splurge. I really only have two blushes, one that I don’t really use and the other is the Colour Pop one that I mentioned before. My mom did ask me why I buy makeup when I don’t really wear it. You know, I don’t know. It’s kind of like me buying jewelry when I don’t wear that often either. It’s pretty; I buy it and I put it away. It will be there if ever I want to wear it.



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