Monday Musings: Throwing Up Breakfast

One would think cherries would be a safe so early in the morning but should probably eat post workout and shower thing to have, but no. I cleaned the cherries and only got through about three of them before I just couldn’t eat any of the rest in the bowl. Then I had that I have to throw up feeling that I was hoping would go away without throwing up. Three minutes, at most, later and there I am barely making it to the toilet to toss it all back out of me. That was a lot of puking for three cherries.

What a horrible way to kick off the work week. I so hope this isn’t indicative of how horrible the rest of my week will be. I hate throwing up. I can have a severe fever and I can deal with it; add in throwing up and nausea and all bets to me not becoming a baby are off.

When I was younger my mom would hold my hair back and assure me I wasn’t going to die even though I was definitely saying that I would right before throwing up some more. Now, she sleeps on the other side of the house and so there is no waking my mom up with all the noise. Although I will say this time I did not declare that I was going to die…I just cried and hoped my glasses wouldn’t fall in the toilet :(.

While I didn’t say I’m never eating again—because let’s face it, that never works—I do think I’ll avoid cherries for a while.

Anyway, it’s a new working week. While I tend to work every day anyway Monday is kind of the kick off to packed full of work days. I have school stuff to get in. I have books to write and to release. There is a lot to be done. I will be here tomorrow with the makeup post.


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