Fly on the Wall Sunday: Strike Force

Here is a look at the next book in the Capri Montgomery line of books — Strike Force.

Strike-Force-webDestination–unknown. Package–unknown. The only thing Octavian Mac Iomaire knows is that once this secretive government agency calls he goes without question. As the Ghost told him when he brought him in, there is no out of this group until death. Once under the Ghost’s control he would always be under his control. So as Octavian sits on a plane heading to an unknown destination to retrieve an unknown package the only thing Octavian knows is that this mission was at a beyond lethal status and he and his team might not come back breathing.


They were not military; none of them had been trained as such either. But they were all masters at their crafts. They were all a lethal force more powerful than the SEALS, the Marines, and the entire friggn’ Queen’s Army too. They were the elite, the masters, and the ones who got called in when nobody else could do the job.

Release date is still to be determined but I hope by the end of this month.



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