Wednesdays with the Arts: Reasons to Avoid Certain Stores

Hmm…I went to Dollar Tree for one thing and left with everything but the one thing. I only actually needed one of the things I left with too…okay two of the things but one of those I could have gotten for less at another store on the other side of town. If I factor in loss of gas the extra dime I spent at this store isn’t all that bad actually.

However, reasons I should stay out of Dollar Tree include my “it’s only a dollar” little devil on my shoulder. I can be happy that I didn’t buy one unhealthy snack this time but I contribute that to not going to the store with my mother by my side. She goes for the candy aisle while I tend to gravitate toward the makeup aisle. Yes…you have probably figured it out by now but here it is–the main reason I should stay out of Dollar Tree includes makeup arts.

Store Run

  • The eyeshadow was actually the only one in that color that I saw there. Those are colors I can definitely have fun with because I like the darker colors when playing with looks for my eye makeup.
  • The liner…yeah, I didn’t need either of those. One is “very black,” and the other is “darkest brown.”
  • The wedges I did kind of need since I’m out but using my fingers to blend the foundation worked out very well last time I did it–just very messy.
  • The lipstick…yeah, I didn’t need that either.

Basically, keep me away from the makeup section in the Dollar Tree because I will always see something that I don’t need but figure it might be fun to try one day, buy it and add it to the pile of makeup I really didn’t need and really never use.

On the bright side, I am so going to play with that shadow the next time I feel like doing my makeup.



    • LOL 🙂 It is for the candy section. I only go down the aisle if I need mints but if I’m with my mother I always go down the aisle, but usually she has a limit on what she would want…usually. The makeup aisle is all on me because it’s not an aisle my mom goes down willingly. She already has all the makeup she wants and is probably tired of me bringing her lipstick every time I see something cute. She already has her favorite lipstick that she wears often so I think I might be cluttering up her drawer.

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