Tuesday Updates

I know I have been away for a little while. School started for me so trying to work all of the study and writing in with other responsibilities has meant less time dreaming up blog posts for this blog. The I Did It My Way blog will still have fairly consistent postings since it is focused on health, beauty and fashion. This blog (the Capri Montgomery blog) has a broad range of stuff so I will still blog here but I don’t have a lot to talk about right now. I have writing projects finished and on the way so I will talk about some of those next month. Makeup posts are few because I don’t wear it often so I don’t have any pictures to update things here, but July is a new month so I might have a couple things in July. We shall see.

For now, on the other blog I have the post Working Out Stereotypes up talking about fitness, natural hair, relaxed hair and the fact that black women do workout. So if you’re into workouts and fitness or anything like it please come by and let me know if you workout regularly, if you do what do you do, and do you let your hair (natural or relaxed) dictate how often and how hard you can workout. Honestly, some of the things I have heard over the past two years I never heard outside of the Internet.



  1. years ago when I was much younger I always worked out every morning before I got started for the days work habits I never thought about my hair I just pulled it back into a ponytails and went on with my routine for each day. Now i am not as active but i still work out in the yard and go for walks from time to time, I still do not worry about my hair, when I finish I simple take a shower and co wash it and braid it up, It sounds kind of silly to me the thought that people have about black people, Are you sure these people are black who are posting such stupid things concern black people. If they are I would have to say they are very stupid. If they are some other color then I would think that they are just trying to get something started, So that they can up their rating. I have read some of the stupid thing that some one has been saying concerning those of us of the darker completion, As there is only one race of people and that is the human race. To bad that people are so hung up on skin color that they can not see for them selves the true fact. Hang in there girl and don’t let the crazy people tear you down. while they are trying to build themselves up. Black is beautiful they know it and they are jealous, why else would they be laying out in the sun getting cancer trying to get to be our color.

    • Well online I guess you never really know for sure who anybody is, but some of them I do believe are black women…I can’t be sure on that one though.

      Thanks for stopping by. I will continue staying healthy and working out. I’m glad you are doing the same as well.

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