Friday Dish: Countdowns Suck

I am counting down for a couple things right now–the start of school and a certain thing I have been working toward since last year. I have decided countdowns suck. Seriously, they suck. The closer I get the more I wish it was already here. It’s like emotional torture. Emotional Torture–Dramatized? Maybe a little, but it is torture when you look at the calendar and realize it’s still not here yet. It? It is that date with the nice circle around the number, or the bass clef heart adorning the date.

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In an effort to distract myself from counting down, from worrying about things I have absolutely no control over, I have found myself thinking of old movies and possible remakes. I have decided it is probably best not to remake it because seriously, remakes usually get messed up big time. Of course I found myself thinking how cool it would be if they remade The Blob (that movie made me fear yeast breads for a long time but I’ll get to that some other time–maybe) and while thinking of a remake I thought how great it would be if there were a BWAM (Black woman Asian man) lead.

When I first started writing I never thought of it as IRR or anything like that. I just wrote the way I saw the world of diverse ethnic backgrounds. But now I know what I write is considered to be IRR and Multicultural stories. I find myself thinking of the matches I see. And since all of my books start as movies in my head it lead me to thinking of movies. While dabbling on YouTube I found several videos of young women suggesting BWAM (coupled or almost coupled) movies to watch. But there weren’t that many and a lot of them really colored outside the lines. That is they hinted at a romantic interest but never once sealed it with a kiss, or anything close to it.

There are a lot of theories on it I guess but I have not gone looking for them. You see I read the news the other day and it depressed me even more than it usually does so I thought I should stay away from theories for now. The news sometimes depresses me a lot–which is why I have cut down to about once a week news readings. I think I should shorten it to once a year. What difference does it make really? If I read it today or don’t read it until next year the same things will still be going on. Somebody will have shot somebody, chopped somebodies head off, blown up a building, burnt down a forest, or something else stupid and highly inhuman. So yeah, my dad says I have to stay abreast of things going on but I don’t get it really. Life is like one big soap opera on crack. Today, tomorrow or ten years from now the same crap will still be happening.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place.


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