Monday Musings: A New Journey

I write. Out of all the things in my life I can say writing is the thing I have done longest. From poetry to short stories, from short plays to songs, from mystery to suspense romance, writing has been in my life for a long time. I love writing. While I do not always like the world of publishing I can’t imagine ever not writing.

But as with all things in life there are numerous paths to walk and one must sometimes choose to journey down the road paved with rocks and covered with a gloomy cloud of fear.


Going back to school, for me, has been a hard choice to make. I have been thinking about it since moving here but I found myself thinking of the financial drain and all of the what ifs. Deciding to return, thanks to words my dad said to me, feels like the right decision. Am I still afraid of the financial drain? Yes. But I made the right choice.

So as the 29th of June comes closer and closer I am forging ahead. Ironically, deciding to go back to school has opened up so many other opportunities for me, so many goals that are reachable and that I have the courage to strive for even though it is possible they won’t work out exactly as planned. Sometimes I think the what ifs can kill you, but maybe sometimes the what ifs can set you free.

Long live the what ifs because they are filled with paths decorated with mysterious boxes that might just hold the perfect what if.


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