Missed It

The Cost of Love electronic copyI know I missed Friday Dish. I thought about it but I was really busy. With school starting in just a little over two weeks and writing stuff to attend to I have been in a mad-dash working spree. Add in the knitting for the new store idea and I am totally swamped. I’m going to be like Anya…only not ;).

Anyway, I did finish the edits that I needed to do so I need to pass the books onward to my editor. The covers are done…several of the same cover that makes me have to decide which one to use :). Yeah, it’s all in just a shift of the title positioning.

This upcoming week is all about writing the stories. I need to work on the third book in a series. It is the last book (that I know of) in that series so I would like to finish it. I also need to work on a book I started a little while ago, get to work on my idea for a return to a certain place, and I also would like to work on a story that I have waiting in the waiting room. That’s not even talking about my sci-fi series I really need to work on. When a story is hot in my head it just goes, but the moment something else takes over stories get pushed to the back. I need to pull some of them back up front and finish them. It’s only fair not to keep the characters waiting in the waiting room. But not today. Today I have to mow the lawn :(.

Have a great weekend you all.



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