Makeup Tuesday: Dollar Tree Finds

I found these lipsticks over the course of months, not weeks. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t seen them before, it was just that some of them were so far off the mark from colors I normally went for that I didn’t bother to get them. But then it happened…the “it’s only a dollar” thought. Dollars add up, but I was having a good day I guess because I bought the Frozen Berries one. I think that is actually the first one I bought out of all the ones in the swatches below. Frozen Berries is the second one in the swatches. It’s not my favorite, and I don’t think I wear it that often at all, but I think I might play with it and mix it with some other colors one day. I’m not sure when, but one day :).

Lipstick Swatch

The first color is the one I like the best out of the three. That one is Bright Pink. Bright Pink and Frozen Berries are both L.A. Colors lipsticks. With Bright Pink I have worn it on it’s own and blended it with other lipsticks and liners that I sometimes use as lipstick. I really do have too many lipsticks.

The last swatch (last as in back from my palm) is Pink Passion by Color Mates. It’s okay, but I like it better mixed with some of my other pinks and reds.

If I had to recommend just one to try I would cast my vote for Bright Pink because I think it’s so pretty. You might like it; you might not, but you know…it’s only a dollar :). Famous last words to a budget right? 😉


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