Wednesdays with the Arts: The Journey

It is Wednesday right? Yes, I had to check just to be sure :).

I mentioned that I’m going back to school. Am I happy about this? I don’t know. I was happy, but then I thought of the cost, the debt, the more student loans and that possibility that even with all that useful education I might not be able to get a job. Yes, I worry about these things.

I wish college was free dcal and then I wouldn’t be stuck with so many loans. Or if I had more dollar sign I could pay fully out of pocket; now wouldn’t that be nice. But college is not free here and I don’t have more money so loans it is. I would be out of debt if I didn’t have student loans.

This is not me, but it's probably my mental facial expression right now.
This is not me, but it’s probably my mental facial expression right now.

Despite the cost I am still going forward with my plan. I have finished many of the required documents but still have a lot of work to do before class starts at the end of this month. I think once I get started and I’m a few weeks in I will have a more positive vibe for doing this school thing once again; although I will say that I wish I didn’t have to do it. Moving here was the worst move I could make and I’m not just talking the lack of jobs here either. But life is life and some things cannot be changed with a snap of a finger so sometimes you have to find a way to go onward.

All of that being said, I am enjoying writing. I have decided that I will release these books once they are ready. If people want to read them they can buy them and read them and if they don’t, simply because it is from me, well then there are a multitude of authors out there to read so I’m sure they’ll find something.

I have been thinking about makeup more lately too. I don’t have anywhere to go to wear it but I really want to get more lipstick. I know…I don’t need it. It’s not like I don’t have enough already ;).

lipsticksIMG_3813I’m also still loving healthy eating and the new recipes I am creating, but I am so craving chocolate covered peanuts right now. I’m not even a huge fan of chocolate yet here I am seriously resisting making a Dollar Tree run to get a bag.<sigh> I hate cravings.


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