Makeup Tuesday Comes Early

I’m doing Makeup Tuesday a little early…okay, a lot early. I’m not sure I will be able to keep up with both blogs next week, this one and the I Did It My Way blog. I’m officially going back to school–yes, school. I don’t start until near the end of next month but there is so much electronic paperwork to fill out that I have a lot to take care of and will be on the phone with my advisor some days while juggling writing and managing two blogs…okay, three blogs.

On the bright side, I have two of the books in second draft form. I need to run a spell check to catch what I missed and do another read through before passing them off to my editor, but at least they are on the road to being done before school starts.

Anyway, here is Makeup Tuesday a tad early.

Makeup Tuesday: Simply Gorgeous

I love her eyes on this look. I don’t have this makeup but I would so try this look if I had anything even close to it.

This look is just simply Wow! to me. That gorgeous lipstick is amazing. She’s so pretty.

I knew I had seen her videos before (as in probably one of them) but I forgot about her work until I accidentally found her on YouTube again. I totally bookmarked this one. That look is making me want to consider buying the makeup pallet…but not right now. I’m not on a spending spree so I’m budgeting and not buying things I don’t need…for now ;).


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