Fly on the Wall Sunday: Summer Reads

I have been working on edits for a book that will probably be out later this year. I’m not sure of the exact date yet. I’ll let you all know once I know. For now…

Current Books I Recommend:

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu.

Red Noon ~ Two dangerous stalkers. One beautiful prey. A SWAT team on high alert and a few politicians who would move hell to make sure they come out on top. Can the odds fall in the favor of good, or will Karma get an honest woman confused with the wrong sins and get her killed?

Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Lulu (print)

Pattern-for-Murder-webPattern for Murder ~ A designer with class and a flare for style. A business man with edge and a not so legal history. A cult that won’t let her go. And a dark cloud of danger hovering over the woman of his heart. There is a pattern for everything and Bailee-Jayde is finding out that everything includes murder. Can she survive? Or will she be forever forced into that dark night.

Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Guarding-save-for-web possible nook cover uploadGuarding Angel ~ When the man guarding her is the very man who broke her heart in the first place, can she forgive him? Or will memories from the past complicate the present and cause both of their demise?

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lulu (print)

Hydra Book CoverHydra ~ A Roman warrior from the past. A writer from the future. Their common bond is that they’re the only humans trapped in a time and in a land where the monsters are bigger, stronger and faster. Will their fight for survival draw them together? Or will the distraction of a beautiful woman weaken this warrior’s fight?

Amazon, Barnes and Noble


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