Wednesdays with the Arts: Colliding of the Arts

I love music. I love building worlds through writing. I also love to keep these two things separate. You see when I listen to music while building worlds it never works. I find myself falling in love with the music that maybe I have heard numerous times but hear differently each time. I find myself trying to count the notes, play the imaginary cello between my legs, or embracing the fantasy that the song conjures in my mind. This never meets with the current work in progress so I keep the two activities separate.

I won’t write to music, but I really shouldn’t try to edit to it either. As I sat there listening to two songs I was in the mood for, finishing with the theme from Shindler’s List I found myself doing the same thing, playing the cello while thinking of yet another fantasy. Neither of these things provide a smooth way for editing because I find I have to look at the same paragraph once again because of the distraction.

Clearly, for me anyway, the colliding of the arts is not the most productive way to spend my work morning. So after I listen just one more time I shall stop thinking about improving my cello playing of this song and focus on editing the story I’m supposed to finish editing today.


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