Makeup Tuesday: Match Me

I have used many different foundations during my modeling years and my fun with makeup moments. For a while I wore a brand that my mother wore because she knew the brand and I knew how it worked on her. But now that I’m getting into trying out makeup again…kind of anyway…I played around with a brand I used after the one my mom used to use. It was an okay fit, but the second time I decided to go back to using it the foundation just didn’t seem to be the right fit for me..

It may not have been a Goldilocks experience but I found a fabulous match–the Maybelline Fit me! brand.

IMG_3932I mentioned it before but I hadn’t tried it yet. After wearing it a few times I can definitely say this is now my new go-to for foundations…well, until I need to buy again because I just might take another leap. Life is too short to get stuck on the spin cycle.

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