Fly on the Wall Sunday: What I Like About Exploring Worlds

The world is not black and white; my writing worlds don’t need to be either. I love exploring worlds one book at a time, and I love doing it in color.

It was a long journey before I knew I was writing IRR (Interracial romance), but that’s one of the labels they place on what I write.

I love writing suspense, science fiction and a little romance mixed in. I love building smartly –passionate, beautiful women and dashingly handsome, strong men who fall in love with them.

Writing is just one of those places where worlds can be epically beautiful, masterfully mysterious and magically reflective if you want them to be.

IMG_3932The new blog is up. I Did It My Way deals with beauty, health and fashion. I plan to have a three day a week posting schedule. I will still have Makeup Tuesday here as well for a while. So if you are into makeup, fashion, health and things related to those topics please be sure to check out the blog. It’s one post in right now.


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