Wednesdays with the Arts: The Funny Thing About Makeup

I’m just going to put it out there now, my sense of humor is probably a bit warped but I did find this video really funny. I also think it’s kind of true in some respects.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I’m more likely not to wear it than I am to wear it. In the past, and even now, I notice that men still seem to find me attractive but the number of men looking when I’m not wearing makeup pales in comparison to the ones who look when I am. And I notice the kind of men who look are different in each situation too.

                           No Makeup

  • Older men looking at me tend to think I’m not of legal age yet they flirt anyway. That is so gross.
  • Men way younger than me.
  • Older men who want me to date their sons. Sons who just graduated and went into the Marines. (Add a lot of years to that age and I might be interested because I have a thing for Marines; I’m not sure why…but I do.)

                        With Makeup

Married men.

Men who ignore me usually yet look like they are going to trip over their feet just to look at me.

Women who look like they think I want their husbands.

Younger men. (Yep, younger men seem to look either way ;)).

I attribute all this to makeup because the clothes are same. Dresses, pants, jeans or skirts all seem to garner the same attention. But makeup…makeup is probably it’s own art of war.

Anyway, I will be starting a new site for Beauty, Health and Fashion soon. I will still do Makeup Tuesdays here but I would like to do more posts on those three things so I think they need their own site as not to crowd out the Capri Montgomery Books blog here. I will post a link once I have it ready.


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