Monday Musings: And There Goes The Food

The morning was going so well. I got my workout in which helped me get rid of an impending migraine that awakened me at just after two in the morning. I got all of my needed documents requested and in for something important. I even finished the first draft on a story leaving only one more first draft to complete before I go in for edits on all of the first drafts that are complete in order to get them at least to second draft this year. I even had another story idea that I decided not to write because it’s out of bounds for me…but I’d still kind of like to jump in and write it…but I won’t…of course I said that about the makeup too and we see how that turned out.

Yes, the morning was going all too well. I made a recipe I have been putting together. I made a few changes. I took my plate to sit down to eat, went to cross my leg, my knee hit the plate and…there goes the food. Yeah…I didn’t get to eat 😦 and I had to clean the jam off the carpet. To say I’m still hungry would be an understatement. But since the slow cooker has a while before finishing what it’s cooking I think it’s safe to say I will be hungry for a while.


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