Fly on the Wall Sunday: Back to Shadow Hills

No, I am not revisiting the town with a new six month long series, although being completely honest here I would like to go back, back to Shadow Hills and stay there.

Alas, I cannot go.

I have just been dreaming of small mountain towns and thinking how great it would be to live there—minus the murder, the thieving mayor, the gossiping township and the blistering cold that is :).

Since I decided to revisit the entire collection as my book to read when I have I am going to share a little bit of Shadow Hills here today.

search-454461_1280 (2)

Small towns and secrets go together hand in hand and Shadow Hills is no exception to this rule. In this miniseries, that plays out on the page like a soap opera without the melodrama, we’ll meet the residents of this mountainous Montana town where secrets are meant to stay buried at all cost.

Shadow Hills January Cover

Snippets from Fallen Hero (January).

Tanner Price:

Until four months ago he thought he might die of boredom, but that was four months ago. That was before Anya McLane moved into town and opened her little boutique on Main Street. Now, boredom was the least of his worries. He was probably going to die of sexual frustration.

Small towns were habitually nosy and the last thing he needed was for somebody to catch wind of his little crush on Anya.

Little? Right. His crush was about as little as an elephant. He couldn’t wait to see her daily. He had gone in her store several times and bought a hat here, or a scarf there. He had more hats and scarves than he knew what to do with. Maybe he could send a few out to family and friends or something. If he didn’t figure out something he was going to have two drawers full of knitted products.

Small towns, big secrets and blooming love is a serious recipe for chaos in Shadow Hills.

The complete collection can be found in print on lulu and individual e-books on Amazon and B&N.

Lulu: Shadow Hills Complete Collection:

Amazon Author Page:

B&N Books:


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