I’m Not Doing What Again?

I know I said I was not buying more makeup. Yes, I said that and what did I do?


Yeah there is a story behind that. The Maybelline Fit me! Matte+Poreless makeup was an unexpected purchase…well, all of it was. You see I went in Wal-Mart to get floss. Yes, just floss. My mother needed foundation because she was out. She bought her foundation Long after I bought mine but she does wear makeup a lot more than I do so I guess I get it. I still had the previous foundation, the one I said I thought looked darker on me than it did before. Anyway, I heard such great things about Maybelline, though I had never used their foundation, I decided to give it a try.

I can say I think this color looks great on me. It seems to blend just fine. It’s my first day wearing it so I will have to see how my skin reacts to it, but I am okay with it so far. No; I am not taking a picture as I have some hot rollers in sections of my hair to make the curl take better in certain sections.

The lipstick and elf brush were a Dollar Tree purchase. I looked at the lipstick after my “not buying makeup” claim and I left it there because I wasn’t buying makeup. But this time, since I had already bought makeup I figured why not get more. It’s like breaking a diet with a cookie and then deciding to eat the whole box since you broke the diet in the first place ;).

I would say I’m done, but I just realized the lipstick I like to use needs to be replaced because the gloss is almost gone and they are a paired product. So I will get that next time I’m at the Dollar Tree, but that’s it…seriously, I am so not going to…well, I did see a liner I’d like to try too.

I should go through my case and get rid of everything I haven’t used in a few years no matter how full it still is. I should also start wearing makeup more otherwise most of this stuff is going to rot in the cabinet.



  1. this makes me want to go out and buy new makeup now , haha I’ve been on a no spending ban the past two weeks I wont allow myself to buy anything and use what I have! xx

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