211 Days

I finished Irish studies on Duolingo in 211 days. It could have been less but I went for the lower goal set. Most days I went above but there were some days when I really couldn’t practice for longer. 211 days and now I can just go back in and practice the ones I want and the ones I need to try to understand more completely while adding in a different study set that I found online. But now that I’m getting ready to add something very important to my life I’m going to have to really set a stable to-do list that doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room.

I’m almost finished with my knitting project and it is my hopes to finish it today but at least by Saturday if I don’t. Stories need to be written and food needs to be cooked, plus I need to catch up on some of the blogs I subscribe to. Since I’m logged in I will check out the blogs but then  I am going to move on to yet another task–preferably one off the computer for now.

Have a great rest of day you all.


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