Makeup Tuesday: Healthy Face Products

Before I get to the blog post on a natural primer I’ll mention this video I found this morning as I think it is really great for DIY makeup remover towelettes. I have not done this yet, but I might one day.

Natural Primer

When it comes to natural and organic face products I will start with my primer. I found out about using this as a primer while searching for another natural product I was planning to make.

~ My favorite primer ~

Organic Coconut Oil

IMG_3863Yes, you read that right. Organic coconut oil is a great primer. Now don’t pour it into your hand and slather it on your face. You’ll be super oily and it may cause acne.

One drop (2 drops are fine too) on the fingertips and then patted onto the skin and smoothed with the pads of the fingers is one way this can be applied.

I let this sit for about five minutes, or more, before starting to apply my makeup. I find that my foundation feels as if it is smoother, and my face feels nicely moisturized while providing a protective coat for the products that are going on to my face.


If you use that coconut oil to cook with as well it is best to put the amount you wish to use as your primer in a small jar/bowl that you can close up so your fingers are not in and out of a product you will also use to cook with.

Coconut oil gets solid when it is cool enough so be sure that the container you use has a wide enough mouth to get your fingers into.

You can use the solid oil as well because a little bit rubbed onto your fingertips will melt.


One comment

  1. Thanks for the tip. It is a good one. Now if you can come up with a good tip that will remove the dark spots from insects bite from all over my legs that would be even greater

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