Monday Musings: 7 Months, 7 Days…

…And counting.

But in news other than my count down which I’ll probably forget about and have to redo the math next time I remember I’m in countdown mode 😉 today was workout in triplicates.

Workout 1: Tone It Up the bikini series Buns & Thighs routine. I don’t have the ball…well it wasn’t mine so whenever it got packed away I wasn’t paying attention to where it went so I could search for it later. I had to modify the workout, but it was still okay. I did Tara Stiles yoga for the hamstrings after that.

Workout 2: A little over two miles walking with my mother.

Workout 3: I just felt like I needed to let go. I was tired of studying. Gosh, Irish is so hard to learn but I am working really hard at trying to get it even though I don’t have anybody to speak it with. I didn’t feel like writing. I was tired of cleaning and cooking, knitting and everything else. Not even the cello could call to me. And whenever I hit one of those moments there is only one place I feel like home–in my workout realm.

I did 40 Minutes of jogging around my room (I will be sorry for that tomorrow as my knee does not like it when I jog). I did another twenty minutes of abs and arms, and then did a stretch out before hitting the shower. Godsmack’s Faceless is totally a great CD to workout to. Something about the guitar and drums just makes me feel like I can push through just about anything I throw at me on my workout pallet.

It was such a great kick off to my workouts for the start of the work week and I hope that I will be in the mood for this much fitness tomorrow too. I love pushing my usual into something longer, and better when I can.


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