Making it Up

Since my plan is to try out the purple eye shadow look this weekend (depending on what I decide to wear to this meeting) I decided for missing Makeup Tuesday that I would share some of my shadows here on Saturday.

I’ve mentioned before that eye shadows are kind of my weakness. I like them and even though I don’t wear makeup nearly enough to buy so many I get them—especially if they’re on sale.

These are not all of my shadows, not even close, but these are a few.


My current favorite out of these is the NYC one here:IMG_3640

It is one I like to use for my modification on the Spanish Rose video I mentioned before.

The Profusion ones I have probably used a few of the palates once or twice, but not more than that.



And of course the ColourPop shadows are fun to try out. There is only one color I’m not thrilled with but I think once I mix it with some of the other colors I might like it more.

Do you have any favorite shadows you gravitate toward more than others?

Unrelated but the new video is up on YouTube: Does Fiction Meet Reality:


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