Thursday: Health Through Fiction

I am working on a character that’s taller than me and curvier and I wanted to know what a woman with her height could have as a healthy weight. It was easy for me because there are two sites that I’ve used for BMI calculations. Now before you start screaming of how flawed BMI is I can agree slightly.

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BMI, to me, is just something you can use to help you get an idea of where you should be as opposed to where you are. But even on one of the sites that I will mention here they do mention that there are other factors to health and fitness. So before you stress yourself into a heart attack this is just a tool you can use if you are so inclined to check on your status or are working on health goals.

The first is the site. Now I must admit I hate this one. It’s too basic and does nothing but ask for your height and weight and then it gives you your BMI.

The second site is I do like this one because it asks for so much more.

  • Gender: Yes there is a difference in weight, caloric intake, and physical exertion between genders.
  • Height: I don’t like this part because I’m not sure if I should round up or down. I mean, I’m at the half mark and I suppose with the gov and taxes they would just round your .5 up to the next dollar, but should I do that with medical stuff or not? So I rounded down, and did one rounded up too.
  • Age: Seriously, what does age have to do with it? 😉 Yeah, Tina Turner is stuck in my mind right now and instead of love I’m thinking age.
  • Pants Size: Seriously…I don’t know. I make my clothes and vanity size is so far under actual pattern size that I don’t think putting my real pattern size is a good idea. I also have a very well rounded behind so while my waist needs a smaller size, if it’s going over my hips (which they’re pants so they are) then it needs to go up a couple sizes so I’m not getting a workout in trying to pull the things up over my behind. But the only way to get my actual truer to waist size on the BMI page once calculated is to go down to the lowest number I can.
  • Weight Goal: This will ask if you want to lose, gain, maintain, etc. Just click on the one you want.
  • Activity Level: It needs to know if you’re lightly active, moderately active, highly active, not active at all. I don’t particularly like this one because it’s relative. Like to me there are days when I don’t think I’ve done much at all, when I don’t think I’m moving swiftly and my mother says I’m Speedy (of which I have been nicknamed years ago—one of my older brothers did this to me and it stuck).

Once you have it all filled in just click on Get Results and you are on your way to your answer.

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After you see your BMI at the top and scroll down you can see the Belly Fat: Waist to Height Ratio. Then you click on the link at the bottom that has “Your Weight” and see the next step. Here is where it will tell you what your healthy weight is.

Click the next link at the bottom, “Your Calories,” and it will suggest daily calorie intake to meet your goals based on your weight. Or it will tell you to go see your doctor.

When done here click on the next link, “Your Heart Rate,” and it will give you loads of stuff. First it will give you the General Fitness heart rate range. Then it gives you suggestions on what to do to meet your heart rate range for a healthy workout. It gives numbers on how much exercise you should aim for every week and how you can get the same health gains with lower minutes in exercise by upping your heart rate into the upper end of your general fitness recommendations.

It gives high intensity heart rate and recovery heart rate as well.

If you have time you can compare both of these calculators to each other for yourself. If you know of a better one, please let me know in the comment section.


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