Monday Musings: Dreamful Weekends

My mother made a good point over the weekend. It is something I had thought about before but never really got situated in my mind. Her words have inspired me to press onward. So I’m moving forward with the idea to the best of my ability.

Fee photo from:
Fee photo from:

Beyond getting a new zest for forging ahead I am so excited about one of the stories I’m writing. I am unsure if I will publish it, but I shall see how I feel once it’s all done. I thought maybe I should get a bunch of the current works in progress finished and then go in for edits and second draft work. But as always, once I know how the movie in my head ends I’m pretty much ready to tuck it away and move on to exploring the next world.

Something happened in one of my dreams over the weekend and from everything that happened only one thing really stood out to me. I nearly jumped out of bed, grabbed a pen and my to-do list and wrote it down on the back of that list. I don’t know that it will make its way into a book but it was totally cool and probably my ego’s way of trying to give me a boost of confidence. I don’t know, but I liked it so I wrote it down.

I can’t wait to see what happens this week. It’s the start of a new day and I have so much to do, but I’m looking forward to doing it all. And tomorrow, well, tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it—yet ;). Have a happy Monday you all.


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