Friday Dish: Ever Forget

Did you ever forget something that you forgot you’d forgotten?

I had been writing a book when another movie started in my head via a crazy dream that I wanted to know how it ended so I started writing the other story. A few computer glitches, a shutdown and restart, and an unopened story allowed me to forget about it and write my recently finished story. And of course while I was writing that one another movie started playing.

Fortunately I remembered the other story. Now with both stories opened I am going to work on both of them.

IMG_3500-webI am also prepping a makeup look—kind of…I tried out doing ombre lips with the pink that I mentioned before from ColourPop that I didn’t like. Well, it makes a good blend with three other lipsticks but I still don’t like how it seems to flake. I’m not sure there is much I can do to save that particular lipstick but I shall try.

Have any of you ever had that moment where you want to make the makeup you bought work since you took a chance on it? This wasn’t my go-to color and it was my first time buying their lip products so it does not make me feel so eager to do that again. I have taken chances on lipsticks before but they were always on sale or not expensive at all so they were easy to justify the leap. This one wasn’t like super expensive, but still, I would have loved to have been able to love it.


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