Wednesdays with the Arts: That’s It. I’m Done. I’m Moving On.

Something about that title reminds me of Sam Cooke’s song–That’s it, I quit, I’m moving on, but it’s really not that depressing ;). Plus I didn’t quit; I just finished.

It’s been a great morning…well, minus waking up at one in the morning as opposed to two in the morning. But I did get that one story finished. I put the ending on before sun up…heck, the sun is still sleeping in this portion of the world. But the story is done in first draft. I’ll take a short break before going in to work on it again. I like a breather in between because sometimes it just lets me come back to it with new breath of life.

I am going to work on that other story I mentioned. It’s already over 11k words and it seems so far from being done so I want to work on that and with hopes finish it in first draft form next month. I must write faster because new movies are always playing in my head.


I’m not sure if I’m going to wear makeup today. I need to go price hardware because I want to redo my bathroom on a really tight budget. I have added a couple new art pieces to the art that was already there but hardware plus a mirror is what I need to price now.

I also want to try out this Vampy Makeup look with my own twist but it’s Wednesday and I’m just going to Home Depot. Plus I feel kind of lazy this morning and do not feel like spending that much time getting that cake on and off my face. On the other hand, I don’t get out the house much so on my first day out for myself in a while it would be kind of nice to go makeup…maybe…maybe not.


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