Makeup Tuesday: Makeup or Breakup with Fashionable Hair

I have talked a lot about makeup lately, but with fabulous makeup creations come spectacular hairstyles, so today I’m combining makeup and hair. No I am not talking about breaking up with your SO, but if you’re going to have to do that then looking fabulous while you do is a good thing.

Let’s start with hair.

Some of these tips, in my opinion, are good whether you’re natural, relaxed or even transitioning.

Natural Hair

I like that this one is not over eight minutes and gives sensible tips on how to maintain your hair length.

I just found her channel last week and I have not watched every show so you may/may not find something useful to you. She does have a Vampy makeup video too.

This one was during my search for something I didn’t know what it was. I kept hearing about pineappeling your hair. I seriously thought there was something super complicated in it, but it’s not. So if you’re curious as to what one does when they pineapple their hair you can check out this video here, and she has other stuff on her channel too so surf through and see what you can use.

This one here is more for styling and achieving a defined twist out:

This video is about doing Bantu Knots

Relaxed Hair

She has tips that can help with relaxed or natural hair health. The video is long so if you’re in a hurry you might want to save it for later or watch part of it and come back to it some other time.

Retro Hair Style:

I like this video. She’s really good at what she does. I don’t think she’s doing these anymore though.


Vampy makeup look.

And since these are on YouTube you can keep on searching to find what best suits your needs.


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