Monday Musing Onward

Yes I am Monday Musing it on :). The earlier post was a look at the flowers growing. The post started off longer but with some time to let go of the bad news I received I decided to just show the good side of the post instead of the bad.

So why not Muse on tomorrow? Well, tomorrow I have a makeup and hair posting on the blog going for those of you looking for hair and makeup stuff.

So what am I musing about now? I started another story this morning. Yep, another one and yes I am still working on the other one which is really just a few scenes from completion–I think. The other story is not military nor cop type leading men but it does bring back a few guys from the Men of Action series in the background so some of you might like to see certain men again. Yeah, I’m still trying to get Ghost together (the regrouping of all the men as asked for) but seriously, I can only write the movies that are playing in my head when they’re playing.

The new story is also non cop and mostly non military men but I’m loving my leads. I think it will be a three book series if I still want to give the other guys a story once I finish this one. With almost 6k words in one morning I think this story, if the movie keeps playing in my head before another one pops into it, might just get finished before fall. Not published per se, but finished…I hope. I have other stuff to do today so the computer has to go off and taking care of others has to start.

I hope everybody is having or has had a great Monday.

Don’t forget tomorrow: Makeup, breakup, and great hair. If you want to know more, you’ll have to come back to read the post :).


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