Wednesdays with the Arts: Weekend Reading

It’s rare now days that I have time to really sit down and read. But I am trying to listen to one of my other doctors and spend a little less time on the computer. My eyes need a break. So I revisited one book that I read a little while ago and read a new author too.

Both books are more in the suspense romance category with one being IR and one not IR. Here’s what I thought.

            Midnight Man by Lisa Marie Rice

This is Book 1 which I didn’t know when I first started reading it. I got this one free but I will say it was good. Yes, the story wraps up so you’re not left hanging on a cliff for an ending to this story.

The leading man is hard edge for sure. He’s one of those guys that the leading lady feels a hint of fear when he looks at her because it’s pure animal. He’s the man she doesn’t really know, the guy she’s getting ready to possibly lease a space in her building to, but he’s also the man who goes into dangerous situations and comes out with…hmm…a need for something a totally different kind of dangerous.

When the leading lady finds herself in danger this is the only man who can keep her alive.

So I like the manly man part, the leading lady was a mix of annoying yet readable, and the story itself kept me interested and turning the digital pages.

The Art of Deception by Netherland St. James

The leading man is a Russian-American SWAT guy. He’s also hard edged. He does what he does and he likes people who can follow orders when he’s trying to save their life. Unfortunately for him the leading lady is a brat. She’s really a brat and I didn’t like her much at first, but I do like the way the character was built, how she develops and how the mystery of her past that has shaped her present and nearly sealed her future is woven between the sheets.

The chemistry is buildable, the leading man is likable, the story is easy to get into, read, and not put the book down until finished.

Next time I get downtime for reading I might see what Rochelle Alers has out now. It’s been a while since I read any of her books.


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